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Request for Information 

Route 66 Visitors Center Banquet Room Operator

DATE:  2/27/2020


TO: Invited Parties


FROM: Luis Hernandez Jr. – Executive Director 

    | 505.688.4122

SUBJECT:    Banquet Room/Event Center Operator

The West Central Community Development Group is is soliciting Banquet Room/Event Center operator proposals from qualified Banquet/Event Companies in the Albuquerque & Surrounding Metro Area.

We are looking for letters of interest and general concepts for the space. Final details and designs are not required for this phase of the process.

The Center

This project is a collaborative effort between Bernalillo County (the County), the City of Albuquerque and local stakeholders, SWAN (Southwest Alliance of Neighbors) and the West Central Community Development Group, to create a space that celebrates Route 66 while serving the local community. The design plans for a 21,000 square foot multipurpose center. It also includes a banquet/event hall, outdoor amphitheater, a Route 66 museum, taproom, gift shop, and administrative offices. The outdoor areas will be utilized for a makeshift drive-in theater, car shows, and other events. 

​Bernalillo County Commissioners (BCC) have selected West Central Community Development Group (WCCDG) to be the facility operator and manager through a competitive proposal process. While WCCDG is the operator and manager, the County ultimately controls the Route 66 Visitors Center. WCCDG is a nonprofit community development corporation active in the west Albuquerque area.

Banquet Room


WCCDG wants to partner with an existing banquet/event business operator to create an environment that captures the purpose of the Route 66 Visitors Center. A multifaceted venue that brings people together locally, nationally, and internationally.


The facility at the Route 66 Visitors Center is designed to be a functional and flexible event hall including a banquet room with pre-function lobby and outdoor patio, as well as an oversized kitchen that is sized for classes and demonstrations. With spectacular views of the city of Albuquerque, WCCDG envisions that the Route 66 Visitors Center will become one of the most popular places to hold an event.


The selected operator will be an existing banquet/event business operator who is well versed in venue rental, catering, and can provide full liquor/bar for guests.  


Naming and branding is important to the Route 66 Visitors Center and WCCDG will be involved in the branding of the banquet room to ensure the vision of the Route 66 Visitors Center is captured.


WCCDG reserves the right to select and negotiate dates for use of the banquet room for its own private fundraising events and/promotions subject to the same rates as available to the public.


Banquet Room – A 4,852 square foot banquet room seating up to 250 for weddings and banquets (six-foot rounds seating 10 each) along with a dance floor and 917 square foot outdoor balcony with mountain views.


Pre-Function – The 1,165 square foot pre-function area allows for a separate set-up for pre-function activities including cocktails and/or displays.


Kitchen – The 1,564 square foot kitchen is sized for multiple purposes including banquet preparation and service, as well as a food classes and demonstrations.


Service – A total of 1,093 square feet of service functions including rest rooms, mechanical, and circulation.

West Central Community Development Group


WCCDG’s mission is to actively promote  the redevelopment and revitalization of the West Central metropolitan redevelopment area.


The WCCDG Board of Directors consists of representatives from twelve appointed neighborhood associations and two representatives from merchant association representatives. The membership and day-to-day activities and policies established by the Board are carried out by the executive director and staff.


The Route 66 Visitors Center is a community driven project led by the Southwest Alliance of Neighbors and the West Central Community Development Group (WCCDG),  that have advocated for more than 28 years to secure public financing from state, county and city government.


When operational, the Route 66 Visitors Center will further promote the long standing history of Route 66 while advancing economic development on the West Central corridor.


The proposal must be received on flash drive in pdf format or via compressed email in pdf format and should not to exceed 40 pages. Information should include:


1. COVER LETTER: Provide a cover letter describing the interest in opening and operating a Banquet Room and summarizing the major points contained in the proposal.


2. TEAM MEMBERS: Identify each team member and who your point of contact will be. Include contact information for each team member (address, telephone, email).


3. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE OF TEAM MEMBERS: Identify applicable team experience in banquet room operations and management, and how the team will ensure it works effectively.


4. CATERING: Provide resume and 2 references for each team member that will be involved with the catering aspect of the business. Describe successes and/or failures of team members in the food/restaurant industry. Describe the products you will serve, and a sample menu.  


5. VENUE RENTAL: Provide resume and 2 references for each team member that will be involved with the venue rental operation and management,if applicable describe any successes and/or failures of team members in the meeting and events industry.



6. BUSINESS PLAN: Provide an estimate of project development costs, a project proforma with estimated revenues and expenses, and an outline of the financing strategy. Also note the total amount of capital required to develop and operate, and key assumptions in this financial analysis. Discuss the short and long term vision for the proposed project and its consistency with industry trends.


7. FINANCIAL CAPACITY AND INSURANCE: Provide evidence that you have the capacity to secure financial commitments to construct interior building improvements that will bolster and highlight the historic character of Route 66.  Provide evidence that you have the capacity to secure all applicable insurance (see Attachment A), including but not limited to your own property, equipment, and any/all other legal liability.

8. INDEMNIFICATION. User shall, to the fullest extent permitted by laws of the State of New Mexico, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless West Central Community Development Group, the County of Bernalillo, their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, and volunteers, from and against any and all actions, suits, claims, demands, losses, costs, penalties, errors, omissions, or liabilities, including legal costs, attorney’s fees, and expert witness fees, whether or not suit is actually filed, and/or any judgment rendered against West Central Community Development Group and/or County of Bernalillo, that may be asserted or claimed by any person, firm or entity arising out of User’s prior or current use, activities or from the conduct of its business or from any activity, work, or other things done, permitted or suffered by User in or about the Site. This indemnity and hold harmless provision shall exclude actions, liabilities, claims, losses, damages, or expenses arising out of the sole negligence, gross negligence, or willful misconduct of West Central Community Development Group and/or County of Bernalillo. User’s obligations as set forth herein shall survive the termination of this Agreement for the maximum period permitted by law. 

9. MARKETING: provide a marketing plan for the proposed banquet room, and provide examples of how it will be marketed to local and national individuals & businesses for events. Describe planned participation in local, regional, and other events. Explain how you will leverage social media  to promote the banquet/event center?


The final decision of the selection of the banquet room will be made by the Board of Directors and approved by the County. The final agreement will be in the form of a written contract following the standard agreement form used by WCCDG and approved by the County. Such agreement will be subject to certain terms and conditions set forth in the agreements between WCCDG and the County .


Direct all questions and correspondence to Luis Hernandez Jr 505-688-4122,, 5921 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87105. Contact with the County or City of Albuquerque personnel regarding this RFP during the preliminary discussions may be grounds for elimination from the selection process.


WCCDG will look forward to receiving your proposals on or before June 1, 2022

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