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West Central Community Cheers for BernCo and NMDOT Cleanup Partnership!

Albuquerque, NM - December 15, 2023

Hey neighbors! Big shoutout to our amazing community heroes at Bernalillo County and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)! On December 13, they teamed up to tackle the trash trouble along our beloved West Central Avenue, from 114th Street to 131st Street. And guess what? They cleared a whopping 4.8 tons of trash—yeah, you read that right!

Our West Central Community Development Group is over the moon about this fantastic collaboration. Let's be real – our West Central area has seen better days, with folks treating it like their personal dumping ground. But thanks to BernCo and NMDOT, we're turning the tide!

Nick Hamm, the rockstar Director of Planning and Development Services, summed it up perfectly: "These cleanup events remind us why we work for local government—to make our communities better." And boy, did they make it better this time!

Our community group couldn't be more grateful for this cleanup crusade. It's not just about picking up trash; it's about making our slice of heaven more beautiful and healthier. We're giving high-fives to BernCo and NMDOT for stepping up and taking care of our home.

As advocates for the West Central Community, we are beyond thankful for Bernalillo County and the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Our West Central Avenue needed this TLC, and this cleanup effort is a game-changer. Let's keep this momentum going!

Got some trash to toss? Check out for disposal services. And hey, let's all stay in the loop for the next cleanup bash. The more, the merrier, right?

Ready to see the magic happen? Check out the photos from the cleanup!

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