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The West Central Merchants Association is a Group by the WCCDG whose Mission is to Affect the Revitalization of the West Central Corridor.

We are a group of businesses owners and marketers, residents, and property owners with an interest in working together on common challenges and opportunities.

Our goal is to make the area clean, safe, beautified and occupied, then work to promote it as a destination for locals and those traveling the area.

Our boundaries follow those of the Southwest Alliance of Neighborhood Associations. 1-40 South to Isleta & Rio Grande River West to ABQ City Limits.


West Central Community Development Group is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to helping people start, grow and sustain their own businesses, and to helping them build the skills they need to become successful.We offer a variety of programs and services tailored to entrepreneurs and small businesses, ranging from business development and finance to marketing and branding. With our help, you can take your business to the next level. 

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