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CABQ Community Block Party Dates on ABQ's West Side

The 2023 City of Albuquerque block parties are not just a time for celebration and community bonding, but also an opportunity for attendees to access various essential services and programs. These events provide community members with the chance to fill out rental assistance applications, job applications on the City of Albuquerque's hiring bus, and receive assistance from community organizations offering services ranging from healthcare, SNAP benefits, and mental health services.

Volunteers are present at the block parties to guide attendees through the application process or help them register for programs. The City of Albuquerque aims to make it easier for residents to access the help they need to not just survive but also thrive in the city. The City Hall representatives even follow up with individuals who had missing paperwork at the time of the block party.

The 2023 City of Albuquerque block parties are a celebration of community and an opportunity for attendees to access essential services and programs with the help of volunteers and City Hall representatives. The City of Albuquerque is committed to helping its residents thrive and not just survive in the city.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to come together as a community, support each other, and access the resources you need to thrive in our city. Join us at the 2023 City of Albuquerque block parties and be a part of a supportive, vibrant community that cares about its residents. #ABQblockparties #CommunitySupport #EssentialServices #AlbuquerqueStrong

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