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One Albuquerque Cleanup Day

Earth Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than by joining One Albuquerque Cleanup Day? This community event, hosted by the City of Albuquerque's Solid Waste Management Department and Keep Albuquerque Beautiful, is an opportunity for you to make a positive impact on your neighborhood and the environment.

Participating in One Albuquerque Cleanup Day has many benefits. First, you'll be giving back to your community and showing that you care about the environment. This can help foster a sense of community pride and connectedness between neighbors. Additionally, cleaning up your neighborhood can have a significant impact on the environment by minimizing negative impacts on local ecosystems and wildlife.

Participating in a cleanup day is also an excellent way to teach children about environmental stewardship. By involving kids in the cleanup process, you can instill in them a sense of responsibility for the environment that will last a lifetime.

To get involved, gather a group of friends or neighbors and register to clean up your neighborhood or park. The Solid Waste Management Department will provide you with all the supplies you need. Just remember that hazardous waste, liquids, oil, paint, cement, rock, brick, dirt, batteries, tires, and construction debris cannot be picked up during the cleanup day.

Let's all work together to make a difference and keep Albuquerque clean and beautiful. Register by April 13, 2023, and let's celebrate Earth Day by making our neighborhoods shine!

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