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West Central Community Development Group Announces Its 2021 Board of Directors


January 13, 2021


West Central Community Development Group Announces 2021's Board of Directors

Contact Information:

West Central Community Development Group Contact: Luis Hernandez Jr. 505-688-4122,

Albuquerque, NM, 1/13/21 –The West Central Community Development Group (WCCDG), a non-profit organization whose mission is to revitalize the West Central Corridor (Historic Route 66) has announced this year's board of directors, including 12 incumbents and 3 new members.

New Members:

Carlos Garcia: Board Member – Garcia Automotive

Al Unser: Board Member – Unser Racing Museum

Susan Unser: Board Member – Unser Racing Museum

Present Incumbent Members:

Johnny Peña: Board President – Alamosa Neighborhood Association

Geraldine Ulibarri: Board Vice-President - Avalon Neighborhood Association

Twyla McComb: Board Secretary - Crestview Bluff Neighborhood Association

Lorenzo Otero: Board Treasurer - West Mesa Neighborhood Association

Steve Maestas: Board Member - Maestas Development Group

Harry Relkin: Board Member - Sage Consulting Business Organization

Chris Schroeder: Board Member - Real Time Solutions, Inc.

Becky Davis: Board Member - Westgate Heights & Avalon Neighborhood Association

Eloy Padilla: Board Member - Stinson Tower Neighborhood Association

Michelle Luna: Board Member - Bernalillo County Government Organization

Joe Chavez: Board Member - Chavez Enterprises Business Organization

Al Otero: Board Member - Crestview Bluff Neighborhood Association

"We are excited for new addition to the board of directors, and look forward to utilizing their collective expertise as we continue to serve the community, and begin the construction phase of The Route 66 Visitors Center". Luis Hernandez Jr. WCCDG Executive Director

The West Central Community Development Group is dedicated to job growth and improved economic vitality of the neighborhoods and individual families along the West Central corridor. We believe in building the power and leadership of communities in the area by fostering connections and supporting civic participation by all residents, in particular those who have traditionally been marginalized such as people of modest income, people of color, immigrants, tenants, youth and the disabled. We believe community residents should have a decisive voice in shaping the future of their communities and their own lives and the ability to create local organizations through which they can work together to achieve common goals.


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